Our mobile hostile vehicle mitigation barriers or anti – ram barriers are an excellent solution to the increasing demands for barriers that can close roads within minutes and then provide speedy access in and out of a perimeter.

These barriers are ideal for any event that requires protection against a vehicle as a weapon attack ( VAW ).

The barriers are :


  • PAS 68 rated
  • IWA 14 Rated
  • Only 24kg ( below the recommended manual handling weight from HSE)
  • Modular system allows flexibility for length
  • Rated to stop 7.5 Tonnes
  • Swing gate system allows easy opening and closing https://www.dsbhvm.co.uk/video-gallery/


Case Study

We received a call from a major sporting tournament late one evening. The venue required a system for controlling traffic that also provided protection against a potential hostile vehicle.

We were able to mobilise three gated barriers that provided a chicane and allow for authorised traffic but be positioned to deal with any potential issue, within 24 hours.

Our barriers are available for purchase or hire and are fast becoming the road management hostile vehicle barrier of choice

For hire or sales of the MVB -3x speak to our sales director, Matthew Barrett on 0203 858 9612 or email info@docklandssecuritybarriers.co.uk