The vehicle is a very effective weapon. Many countries around the world  have endured many such vehicle attacks from destructive terrorists and criminals. The vehicle has leapt up the ladder as weapon of choice.  This is maybe for a number of reasons but its due in the main, to how easily accessible a vehicle is and the ease in which it can be manoeuvred. 2017 saw a number of attacks that ended with lives lost and the fabric of life and society in those areas changed forever.

The problem with making provisions to stop these attacks is what do you put in place to prevent such atrocities ? As a result of many of the attacks, concrete barriers have been put in place. However, whilst they are effective, they are unsightly, ruin the fabric an feeling of and area and diminish the sense of safety of the people in the area.  There is no one answer to this problem, nor one barrier that is suitable in all instances. The barriers need to be effective without undermining the sense of safety and well being for the people in the location.

The hostile vehicle mitigation information section on the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI) website gives some very useful information regarding threats and solutions.

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